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2 The Highway

An autobiographical RPG


‘2 The Highway’ is a highly-personal, RPG-style adventure.

It is based on the very specific memories of the multi-temporal entity known as Michael. 

What is it?

2 Orchard End’ is an autobiographical fantasy story, told through the medium of a role-playing video game, with a retro style.

Can I play it?

Unfortunately not. ‘2 Orchard End’ is not available to play online. Send an email if you want to come over and play it with joysticks, or something.

This site is designed only to illustrate the art and music involved in the project.

Why make it?

For fun, and education. And in order to set a few things straight in the temporal pan-universe.

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If I want to find out more?

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Scenes from the past

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Watch The Trailer


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‘2 Orchard End’ begins like so many adventures: A boy awakes in his bed in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in October 1997, and can’t seem to get past a pile of boxes. From there he will travel across dimensions, through space in time, and to the garden and back, to discover the meaning of existence.


Struggle with existential crises and internal demons through a series of tactical and highly literal turn-based battles.

Collect items and historical artefacts from the very specific experiences of Michael c.1997.

Wear different outfits, including a Lego T-Shirt and a ‘cool guy’ leather jacket.

Climb a treehouse.


‘2 The Highway’  was created as an experiment in using limited and restrictive tools to build something unique and personal. 

The basis of the game was made with RPG Maker MV, using a mix of original art and assets from the Pop! Horror City pack.

The music was created specifically for the game using a Teenage Engineering OP-1.

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2 The Highway: The Music

by Michael Rundle

‘2 The Highway’ is a highly-personal, RPG-style adventure through the very specific memories of the multi-temporal entity known as Michael. This is some of the music from the game.

These are very short, repetitive mini songs designed to be listened to in-game, and not outside it. 

With that in mind, take a listen.