michael rundle makes art.

here are some of his projects.


“13 Returns”

5 minutes of music (?) by

heroes of the revolution


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An animated painting about taking your daughter home from nursery school.

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Tower of Ghost

by Heroes of the Revolution

Between 2008 and 2016 I wrote, rewrote and thought about a story called, at various points, ‘Demetri Vs The Sky’, ’The Hollow Earth’ and eventually ’Tower of Ghost’.

It was, at one point, and may one day be again a novel aimed at young people about a boy lost in an abandoned city.

On August 5, 2019, I spent an afternoon recording some ambient music reflecting on that story.


The Tower of Ghost

The streets were empty. The colleges were silent. Wild animals ruled the parks, and mountainous glass offices stood inches deep with dust.

Every day asteroids fell screaming from the sky and turned what remained into splinters.

But the Tower stood, silent in the mist, breathing old air from the gateway halfway up its height.

There had once been a story that the structure was itself alive, that it fed from the city and grew taller at night. Another tale held that ancient kings stalked its halls, and plotted new lost wars from map rooms high above the clouds.

Others said that all human knowledge was contained within its very walls, recorded on wire, or that the true height of the tower was not actually known, that it was built almost entirely under the Earth, and that it descended all the way into the crust.

But even as those legends died and the river flooded and swirled, the tower remained, and gave solace and a home to the birds, and the dead of the colleges, and the bears, who watched in the darkness of parliament's square.

There would be armies, and marches, kings and houses, rivers of fear and mineshafts and magma. But before all of that there was the pulse, and the echo, and the tower.

  • From The Tower of Ghost


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2 the highway

An RPG mystery tour through 1997


It begins like so many adventures: A boy awakes in his bed in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, in October 1997, and can’t seem to get past a pile of boxes. 

From there he will travel across dimensions, through space in time, and to the garden and back, to discover the meaning of existence.

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The band DEATH METAL BOYFRIENDS is what happens when walls of distorted synths, rave-on nightmare punk and the Blade Runner soundtrack meet, and also it’s 10PM and there’s a baby sleeping downstairs. That’s the idea, anyway: These are barely demos, just weird experiments. Mostly electronica, recorded live, or close to it.

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Allegorical football

'GRIDIRON 1984’ is a version of American Football designed for some non-existent computer from an alternate past, where a dystopian regime banned all sports, but then decided to recreate them for a series of abstract video games to appease a restless population. Released January 2016.